Truslen Coffee Bern

An intense instant coffee containing L-carnitine, which helps you to burn calories and to reduce the accumulation of fat. Truslen Coffee Bern is perfect for people who loves doing exercise.


  • L-carnitine helps to burn fat.
  • Fibersol extract is good for your digestive system.
  • Chromium helps to control your blood sugar to normal level.
  • No sugar. Sweetness from sucralose. No trans-fat, no cholesterol. Low fat.


  • Drink 2 pouches per day, 15-30 minutes after meal for the best results.
  • Drink with Bloc formula for the superb result. Drink Bloc 15-30 minutes before meal then Bern 15-30 minutes after meal.

Note : 1 box /1 bag contains 10 small pouches.





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