Truslen was granted two global “Superior Taste Awards 2022” for its divine and premium taste.

Truslen coffee was granted the Superior Taste Award in 2022 from ITQI based in Brussels, Belgium. ITQI is an institute that certifies the taste and quality of the food, and serves as a guarantee building consumer confidence. 

Some part of the committees are more than 200 candidates from the Chef & Sommelier. They are from the famous institutes and Michelin-starred restaurants in more than 20 European countries.

The criteria of the assessment is the blind test in accordance with international principles: satisfaction, appearance, aroma, (food) texture, and final sensation of beverage. The beverages were scored according to the criteria in each category, not judged by personal preference. Only the product passes the test with a score above 70% will be awarded. 

Truslen submitted two products, i.e. Truslen Coffee Plus Collagen and Truslen Coffee Plus to participate the competition, and both received the two awards of pride. This has guaranteed our success and built consumer confidence for a long time, ready to provide experience of the premium taste with functional benefits on weight control that have never been experienced before.


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